On a Cake Contract What Is Meant by Artistic License

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When it comes to ordering a cake for a special event, such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration, it is important to pay attention to the details and included terms in the contract. One term that you may come across is “artistic license,” which is a clause that allows the cake designer or baker to exercise some creative freedom when it comes to the design and overall look of the cake.

So, what does artistic license mean in a cake contract?

Artistic license is an agreement between you and your cake designer that gives them the freedom to use their artistic skills to create a unique cake design. It is a clause that allows them to make design decisions on your behalf, without consulting you every step of the way.

For instance, if you have a specific color palette in mind, the cake designer might use their artistic license to suggest a complementary color scheme or pattern that would elevate the overall look and feel of the cake. This clause is meant to give designers more creative freedom, which can ultimately lead to a more beautiful, unique and memorable cake design.

However, it is important to remember that artistic license doesn`t mean that your cake designer has free reign to make any design decisions they want. It simply means that they have more creative freedom to explore different design options and add their artistic touch to the final product.

To ensure that you are happy with the final outcome, it is important to discuss your vision and expectations with your cake designer from the start. Make sure to communicate your preferences and any must-haves for the cake design. This will help your designer understand your style and preferences, and ensure that they are able to incorporate them into the cake design.

In conclusion, artistic license is a clause in a cake contract that allows a cake designer to use their artistic skills and creativity to make design decisions that will result in a beautifully unique cake. By communicating your vision and expectations, you can work with your cake designer to achieve a final product that both you and your guests will love.